so Wednesday went to school seen the boy i like so my friends tell me hey he said he was cool  on the whole talking to me okay i get it there like so many other girls to pick from why pick me i understand. but today when my friend tells me at lunch i just hap a nice long conversation about you with him. okay now wait if he said he was good then there’s no need to talk about me with him like at all. so i ask hey well what happen she says he came up to me like aye you know your friend but then she stops and saying but i cant tell you the rest. #hatewhenpeopledothis you know okay well if you couldn’t tell me from the start then you shouldn’t have ever told me that y’all was talking about me. so world cashing boy problem is still here the only thing that makes me mad is that if you want to talk to someone about me talk to me about me. ask me questions about me it just blows me like i don’t even want talk to talk about it. im going to move on to another world cashing problem i am passing all my classes with 90’s but is one class i turned in all my work i do all my work i have papers that my teacher gave back to me with grades on them saying 100 90 80 so why does it says i have a 47 in that class im great at math im in AP i have never failed math in my life i want to know whats going on. i asked my teacher she said oh its not important right now um it’s really important. so i went to the office and she said she would look into it but at this point im ready to throw a chair. i just cant deal right now sometimes i think about locking my door one day going into my closet and sitting in the corner and just sit there and let everything in my room just be at peace no movement just day dream sleep and just never come out. but in my house you cant do that someone will always call your name so you can do something for them. i guess im just hoping for like something good to happen i don’t know. so anyway one of my friends left school because she felt like she didn’t have any friends but im like um am im a tree?  my name is jammie and this is my life #2