so because everything seems to be over the computers now a days i thought to start to blog about my problem that no one might care about. im 15 my birthday is in may i live with my mom and my sister she younger then me. my dad and my two older brothers live in another state far away from were i am. i have a big family and they live in a state too see my mom my sister and i moves 2 years ago to were we are now after my grandma died my auntie and her husband is down here too. you know how when your mom says ” YOU CAN ALWAYS TALK TO ME ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING” well my mom is cool and all but i just feel like i cant talk to her talk to her, my auntie cant talk to her if you was to meet you would understand why. so im down here all alone, i don’t have a phone right now and never talked to anyone in my family but a grandma when she was here about things. i mean i don’t have an older sister im the head sister the one who the little sister looks up to and i cant mess up because that sating a bad example for her. as my mom puts it, so really no one to talk to so now i bet your thinking about where are you going with this and that brings me to here because i feel like i have no one to talk to im going to blogging about what happen in my mind a world cashing life. so this is just a to let you know how its going to so i set up planing strip to how im going top work this every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays im going to blog about what happen through out my week of life as me the teenager. i mean people say i should have my own show so this something like that. okay so before anything im going tell you what happen. so i like this but for some odd reason i cant talk to him its like every time i see him i go brain dead or something. i get my friends are trying to help but the way that they are trying to help is just not helping. im not like this other times when i like someone i could go up to them and talk to them no problem i help friends talk to boys they like so i don’t understand why its so hard for me to talk to him i just cant deal. do you know how many times I’ve said im coming to talk to him i got this you can it and when i see him its down the drain. i cant speak normal things. i say hi and oh okay like im dumb or something. i don’t whats going on with me but im hoping it stop because i want to talk talk to him and if i cant even talk to him some other girl is going go and take away ill be left alone. i don’t if its fear or just something but ill see tomorrow what happen but who knows. now im going to go the originals i love that show well its my 3rd favorite. 1st pretty little liars 2nd the vampire dairies. and get to get my mind off of my bot problem little tip the originals came from the vampire diaries half the people on there used to play on the vampire diaries so they are nothing new.  so my name is jammie and this has been my life