I know that I haven’t posted anything on here lately. It’s not because I’ve gotten better. I haven’t, I know that. I have just given up on trying to get help. I have learned that it’s better that I keep everything bottled inside of me even though it’s not healthy.

With doing that, I have also closed the circle of people that I talk to. I’m still friendly with people. I talk to the people that I work with. I talk to my family. One thing that I refuse to do anymore is talk about what is going on with me. Personally, I don’t believe that it’s any one’s business what is going on with me. My problems are my problems.

That’s one thing that I should have learned a long time ago is not to really trust people. I’ve had people tell me that they care just to have them turn their back on me over something. Or they jsut stop talking to me for no real reason at all.