My mother is most untrusting person in the world. I wanted to go to breakfast with one of my friends for all of a half hour and she was automatically like “Nope you have to much homework to do.” I am pretty good at managing my own homework time. I planned all of my homework stuff on my own. Oh! and ya know what, if she hadn’t put me in so many friekn college classes and dance classes then maybe I would have time for homework every once and a while. Maybe if you didn’t out all your junk on me I wouldn’t be crabby all the time. They are your problems not mine. I am gone in 9 months anyways so it doesn’t matter. I just need to leave through these 9 months and then she is out of my hair and out of my face. I can’t wait till I DECIDE when and where I want to go. Can’t wait to leave. I hate this house. It is so frustrating and stressful. I just wanted to stay out of my house for long as possible. Well now I have to go do my stupid homework before momzilla sees that I am doing things other than homework. I hope I don’t SI. If anyone has advice for me, it will be greatyly appreciated.