I wanted to injure tonight because I was hating myself for accidently finding something out about someone that I know I shouldn’t know about. On top of that, I was anxious that one of my friends was thinking bad of me. Three things stopped me.
1. I talked to someone who knows about this before I harmed myself and told him why I wanted to do it. He encouraged me to talk to the friend I was having trouble with.
2. I emailed that friend and told him not to take it personally, but that I was just going to tell him what I was thinking, and I did. It was so hard to be honest like that!
3. This was God stepping in here. I remembered randomly that one of my friends was working tonight and that I could easily stop and get a hug from her. So I did. Of course, she asked me if I was okay, and I said tired, which isn’t a lie. Emotionally speaking, that is the truth. After I received that hug, the remaining urge I had was gone!