i have been addicted to S.I for 3 1/2 years now and it all started because one of my best friends took their own life. i remember having my whole world turned upside down the minute that i received the phone call from her mom saying that her only daughter had taken her own life in the middle of the night. i thought it was some sort of cruel joke but then i remember the text message Alyssa had sent to me the night before, which read, “i love you Lauren, and i always will. i know i don’t always show it but i truly do appreciate everything that you have done for me these past two years. i will always support you and i promise to keep you safe. you are strong, don’t forget that”. after hearing that she had killed herself, that final message made all the sense in the world.. why on earth should i recover or even live, if i couldn’t save one of my best friends? she never got the chance to get better, so it doesn’t seem fair to continue to recover without her by my side. Alyssa, i wish you were still here, maybe things wouldn’t be so completely unbearable.. R.I.P Darling.