I am so sick and tired of having living up to my parent’s standards. My life is ending up exactly how I thought it would. My mother is already treating me badly and my psychotic sister isn’t even out the house yet. I feel like she is just tearing me apart. I can’t take this anymore. I have Sied in over year, but ya know, right now I want to. I won’t because that will just prove her right. I hate it.  I don’t hate her I am just sick of fighting with her. I am almost friekn 18 years old. I have a boyfriend who is on a mission millions of miles away. and ya know what, she’s right, I am lonely. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to hook up with one of my guy friends from my school who she has deemed as a bad influence. I am so sick of dealing with her junk and her comments. I am sorry mom that I can’t be the perfect little child that you want me to be. The more hurtful comments she makes and the more she hurts me the further and further away I will go. She has brainwashed me into thinking that I am some demon child that keeps making bad decisions. Well ya know what that means? I AM HUMAN! Sorry I can’t be friekn perfect. Boo hoo! At least I am not a screw up. I get great grades. I am in college at such a young age. I do dance and work and a million other things! I don’t need her on my back constantly when I make one little mistake. I am so angry! I don’t want to SI I really don’t. But sometimes she just really makes me want. to. She reads my texts and emails. She checks my phone bill. She is so invasive and I am done! I just want to be 18 already. Sorry I couldn’t make you proud mother. Sorry I wasn’t as perfect as you are!