I am feeling very irritable and wanting to isolate myself. I need some me time and it is hard to have that and not be thinking about all that I need to do, all that I need to learn, or all the stuff that I am not doing well right now – especially as it relates to work and school. I was in class today and before class started everyone was just talking to one another. The noise level seemed incredibly high and I got super irritated. The lecture seemed more boring and longer than usual. It was hard to focus. The other day I wanted to SI and I think I am still trying to pull myself up from that feeling. I still have a little bit of that urge. I know I won’t act on it, but trying to pull myself out of that is taking a lot more effort than I would like. And little things are affecting me more than usual when I am in this emotional place.

I need some time to do something fun and feed my happy self again. And I need to do this and not worry about other things going on. Does this make sense?
I am so irritable and fed up with things that usually don’t bother me. I am putting less effort into things which is not like me either. I think I am just so tired and need to find my energy back again – the energy that comes from doing fun things.