We found out last night that my partners dad is at the hospital and he signed a DNR and is being “made as comfortable as possible” until he passes. The doctors said that could be now or it could be two weeks, of course there’s no way of knowing. She wants to be there with him but she has no sick time after using it all to visit when he got sick three months ago. Her dad lives half way across the country and She is torn between going now and wanting to be with him while he’s alive and waiting to just go for the funeral. We don’t have the extra money for a plane ticket, so I don’t know how this will work out. I wish I could make her feel better. My Mom went through a really hard time after her mom died, even though her dad had died years before and mentally her mom hadn’t been there for years my mom said she felt very alone. Like she had no where “to go home”. My partners mom died when she was 18 and she’s been on her own ever since. I feel so sad for her. I’ve been struggling with the urge to SI since late last week, it’s pretty constant. I’m having terrible body image, to the point of thinking of ED behavior. I’m soooo cautious of that, I don’t want to go anywhere near that! I don’t know what I’m trying to express here I just wanted to vent.