Kinda Hard to admit and Actually thats not always true…sometimes things are EXACTLY as bad as they seem. But I say that because, I had a REALLLLLY lousy 2013 for the most part. I mean, not 100% bad of course. I had some realyl lovely moments and great experiences. But I also fell backwards greatly and had more than my fair share of heartache this year. The main reason I wanted to write tonight is because life, as it always eventually (even though sometimes it takes FOREVER) really has been finally getting better lately. And I wanted to share that, especially since so many of my posts have been so over the top depressing, I thought it would be nice to capture this time in my life that has been going well while I have it. I know, still pessimistic, but I’m not prepared to jump into happiness with open arms yet, It has dropped me a few too many times for me and happiness to do the whole “trust fall” thing right now. But for now……Life is definitely getting better. One thing is I blame the weather hah…Never been a fan of the Summer….and ever since September Hit my life seems to be making a change for the better….seems to be anyway. Lets hope it stays that way for a while…I could use a high note to end the year on. I seem to be in my first happy relationship since my ex almost 2 years ago. Which is taking some real getting used to…..but its..nice 🙂  Also, I have had some OVER THE TOP Amazingly happy news! I have an interview with my DREAM JOB this weekend, which I’m very excited for. I also got a second job recently, which is helping me bring in a lot more income and will soon be paying off my overdue hospital bills….which is a huge relief. So I thought I’d share some good news for once. Thank you also to everyone who has commented on my past posts, and I aplogize for not commenting back, but I still appreciate it <3 I dont have a home pc, so whenever I get to make it to a public pc is when I get the chance to check up on things. I hope everyone has had an easier year than me, and that everyone is holding on strong and doing well, and if not, just know, Things Really Aren’t Always As Bad As They Seem…”