I used to think I was alone in the world, left to protect myself. That is, until I came to university and met a professor who does not tolerate abuse toward women or children. At all. If you were to see this guy, he looks scary. Long hair, tattoos, leather jacket. He is what I call a “biker dude”. He is the nicest person I have ever met. But do not get on his bad side. He also owns guns and would not hesitate, if all else fails, to shoot a person who hurts a woman or child in his presence. He has always told me that if anyone bothers me, to come and talk to him and he will “take care of it”. I had a friend who had been my friend for years. Last year, he thought it would be a great idea to get a date with me by saying some horribly disgusting sexual comment toward me. Bad idea. I told him to never ever call me again, and that if he did, I have “many friends who wouldn’t hesitate to track him down”. I of course was talking about my professor. Because he most certainly wouldn’t hesitate to track someone down who bothers me. I was so upset by the whole thing I went and told that professor. Our conversation went as follows:
Me. “You are going to get mad.”
Professor. “I’m not going to get mad.”
Me. “Oh yes you will. You’ll get mad at the person.”
Professor (standing up straighter and his voice getting an angry edge to it). “Did someone bother you?”
Me. “Someone said something really horrible and nasty to me, thinking that he could get a date with me.”
Professor. “Was it someone from this school? Because I will go take care of it right now.”
Me. “No, it wasn’t. I took care of it. We are no longer friends. He won’t be bothering me again.”
Professor. “Don’t ever ever hesitate to come to me if someone bothers you. I will never hesitate to step in for you. If this escalates, you tell me and I will tell him (snapping his fingers), ‘IT ENDS RIGHT THERE’.”
Me (smiling). “Okay.”
Seriously, that’s why I love that professor. Because he watches out for people and does not tolerate abuse of any kind. I know that if I have an issue I can’t solve on my own, I just have to go to him and he will most certainly watch out for me.