Wow. This afternoon definitely hasn’t been turning out how I thought that it would. I was quietly doing my studies when two guys came up and started talking to me. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation, not one where both parties were mutually engaged in the conversation. I felt like I was getting harassed because they were a lot older than me and some of their conversation was really provocative and vulgar. I was trying to ignore them as politely as possible and continue on with my homework but they wouldn’t take a hint and just kept speaking. I hadn’t really minded the guys too much, I mean they even complimented me when they first came over … but then they noticed my arm and my old injuries and it was like they were fixated on it. They kept asking me what it was from and I couldn’t say anything, all I could force myself to do was try to shrug it off. The way they carried on about it really bothered me though. I know that I shouldn’t let that get to me but it does. I can’t help but feel absolutely awful every time someone asks me about my old injuries. I haven’t injured in a little bit over a month and I’ve been feeling really good about that. I’ve been kind of happy that I haven’t given into the urges for such a long time span. I’ve been planning for awhile that I would get a tattoo of a butterfly when I make it a year without injuring. Recently I’d considered getting it after I make it 6 months without injuring. So I’ve been really excited about continuing to move away from injuring and then these guys just come up and pester me relentlessly about it. They weren’t the only people to comment on my injuries today either. A girl in one of my classes asked me about them this morning too. I know that I should expect people to ask me about my injuries when they’re so visible but it still manages to shake me up and surprise me every time that it happens. I just feel so flustered right now. I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m ready to put injuring  behind me and move on with my life and now it’s like the questions that I faced today have shook my confidence and made me doubt whether or not I can ever put injuring behind me.