When I first came to this site, I was looking for help. Someone to talk to that would understand what I do and why I do it for. I was hoping to get an understanding of it. The reasons for doing it and hwo to try to try to control the urges to do it.

There has been a few that has gone out of their way to try and help. They were willing to listen and offer advise when needed. Thanks to all of you…..

But, I have come to realize that, in general, I’m no one. A Ghost. It doesn’t really matter what I do or why I do it for. People may say that they understand but I’m sure that they really don’t. I know that I’m not like everyone else in the world. I have problems. I have talked to some people about them but it still all boils down to be my problems. I’m the only one that can solve them or fix myself.