I have been so angry lately and I have no clue why. I’ll be fine one second and then something small will happen(such as receiving a text from a friend, or misplacing something that I am looking for) and then I will be so consumed with rage that I can’t see straight. And then I will take it out on who ever is in my direct line of fire and then I will feel soon bad. I hate being angry and especially the way it makes me act. And as soon as I do it, I feel so terrible. And then I get even angrier and take it out on my self by SH, because at least I won’t feel guilty and am directing my anger tword somebody who I think actually deserves it. I don’t know why I have been so irritable lately. It has been going on for a few months and I’m so sick of being mad even though it hurts less than sadness. It frustrates me so much mor and is pointless. I’m going a loop and makeing myself angrier and other angrier and they just keep fueling each other in an endless loop. An endless and sad and distrustful and enraged loop. I need to get out.