I had an awkward conversation with my Dad this evening. I was on the phone with him because my family is in town for the week and I told him my plans for tomorrow to figure out when we’d meet up. This was the conversation.
Me: I get out of therapy around 4.
Dad: oh, are you seeing the same person?
Dad: do you think she’s helping you?
Me:yea it helps
Dad: are you seeing her for your addiction issues or your demons?
Me: both I guess
Dad: do your mom and I ever come up?
Me: ummmmmm, sometimes I guess.
Dad: oh ok I just want to know if there’s anything I need to apologize for.
Me: No, not you but I do have issues with Mama…then I went on a little rant, politely, since he asked…

I guess you’d have to know me and my family for this to sound like a really awkward conversation. I felt weird when he asked if anything about them has come up.