A couple of weeks ago, my roommate called me to inform me that she can no longer be my roommate due to money issues. I was upset at first (not at her, but at the situation). She was the most awesome roommate I have ever had. We had so much in common (the good stuff), that it was almost scary. It took us a while to open up to each other due to us both having trust issues, but when we did, that is when our relationship really began to grow. I will miss those long conversations about our hurts, our plans for the future, and God. I will never forget what my roommate said one night as I finished telling her something about myself that I felt guilty about. She said: “God loves you and so do I.” A simple statement that made a huge difference, because she showed me right there that she did not judge me for whatever it is I had done. She is the one who taught me to spend time with God. I will miss those conversations of ours, and our many nights of ordering pizza and laughing over whatever silly thing it is she came up with. I will still get to see her on campus, so all is not bad. I have a new roommate coming in now, and I hope and pray that this new chapter will be a good one. We have started talking by email and she is so totally precious. I like her already.