I so mad right now I though I was supposed to get my kids today but I didn’t know I supposed to get them last weekend because my ex screwed up the ex and I just feel like I get punishment every time I made a mistake. But when he can’t pick up the kids or made a mistake he want me to give him a change it not fair. I raise those kids by myself he not even there he was in prison. I made sure he was in those kids lives because he never had a father and family means everything to me. But last year I found out he has drugs in the car me and him were struggler for it so I could show the cops so he hid them and I got a arrested and two day later he took me to court and I didn’t even know and he got the kids ever since. It been awful since then and I doing lot better but sometimes it hard for me because I have so much anger and betrayed from him. This Moring I try to do positive stuff to released the anger and I went for a run it make me feel better and since I found this website I could released the anger I have it helping. but there still a part of me that I want to do a negative way. I don’t want to but I so mad what my ex does after everything I did for him it hurts. I feel like I being punishment because I was being nice for letting him being in the kids lives.