For the most part, I’m always alone. I really don’t see or speak to anyone at all. It’s on the days that I have to deal with people that I really feel the urge to SI. It’s either that or I just don’t feel right for a long time. This is something that I need to get over with and quickly. I will be starting a new job soon and will have to deal with people once again.

I know where it stems from. I’m tired of being let down, put down or everything. I have always thought that saying good little things mean the most. Showing that you care or are interested in something goes a long way. Like today, I went into a place to apply for a job. About an hour later, I walked out with a new job. My start date already figured out. I told someone that I thought might care and all I got was the ‘about time’ attitude. I told a couple of people and got pretty much the same attitude.

It’s like I shouldn’t tell anyone what’s happening in my life. That I should keep any kind of good news to myself