Hoping this is a good place to just get out. Like my journal. Today has been horrible. I… got mad at my brother. We had a fight. I got in trouble. I was just so mad I had to do something. My grandpa talked to both of us. Trying to figure out why we fight so often. I’m just…. Ugh…. Sometimes I’m not sure I can do this anymore. I don’t ligit SI. Like I do but I don’t. How do I explain that?  It still makes me feel better. But it doesn’t leave permanent scars. I just feel so…. out of it… I want to just tell everyone. Then I want it all to be over. But it doesn’t work like that. I can’t tell anyone. My parents wouldn’t like me even more. My grandparents would be disappointed. And everyone wouldn’t like me. (like that’s any different than norm.) Anyway, I’m glad this site is here. Just had to let it out. Well some of it anyway. So yeah.