I been battle with this  of and on for about 10 years. I always keep a secret from people because I was ashamed of what I did. But I felt like if I did its. Its  the only way it make me feel better like my life was out of controlled like that was I good for. I have try to stop it and I been for month or couple of years but when I just feel like my life is out of controlled I feel like injuring is the only way. I have try to talk to my family about it and they tell me to stop like cold turkey but it easily said as done. Last time I did it  was couple of days ago and I was more upset that I did then my problems that what made me realize that what I was doing was wrong and I need to be happy and I was tired of feel scared and worthless. So today I found this website online because I can’t afford to see a doctors. And I was so happy to found this website because you can write how you feel other people know how feel could help you out.