Okay, so my mom really upset me Sunday night. It’s not even the fact that she couldn’t even take me to the doctor, but it was her comment of “Where are all of those who used to take you to your appointments? Where did they disappear to?” That was just so unnecessary and really made me
mad! Plus she has never been a big fan of my church friends anyway, so
I couldn’t help but think that this was a snide remark against them. Well they were all busy with their own thing, which is unusual, but just so happened to be the case for that day. And maybe I have been depending on my mom more than normal these days for appointments and
what not. But she’s my mom for goodness sake, and she is about fifteen
minutes away, and I will pay her for gas if she asks me! Anyway, back
to Sunday night. So after that conversation I wanted to injure.
Because I was mad at her and hating myself and all kinds of stuff. But
I waited it out for about forty-five minutes. And then this random thought popped in to my head to make peppermint tea. I’m so totally not joking! So I did. I think it felt better to do something nice for myself for once instead of the other way around. So that was one of those nights where I made it through okay. Amazing how that works, and I know that had to be God stepping in there with that random thought of mine.