So I just have to write this out because it has been bothering me for several days now. I posted a while back about a traumatic event that I repressed. It has been seven months since I remembered that, and I have noticed something troubling. My anxiety, which I used to be able to handle without resorting to self-harm, I can no longer handle. Part of me is thinking this is because I have come to the conclusion that the event itself may have caused my anxiety disorder. This is just a guess though. Also, my anxiety itself has only gotten worse. I used to worry and it would just stay at a certain level most of the time. But now when I worry, I am working myself up so bad that I am almost having a panic attack, something that never happened before remembering this event. Other things have happened also that have either increased or are new altogether. My self-hatred has increased along with the fear of bothering others. A new thing that I have never had to deal with until now is feeling too terrible to deserve help from anyone. I am so totally confused right now and am wondering if anyone out there has had a traumatic event and then experienced an increase in their old emotions plus different ones besides?