So I feel like my whole life is falling apart and everything is just going wrong wrong wrong. I have been in an absolute state of depression for months now, my anxiety has been out of control, I’m working through a traumatic event that I had forgotten about for almost ten years, I don’t have counseling this week due to her having surgery (which was unexpected for her), and now I find out that one of the ministers at my church and his family are moving. Seriously? I just don’t think I can tolerate any more stress. I am super grateful that his wife told me before they announced it to everyone this upcoming Sunday, or I would have just cried in front of everyone and embarrassed myself. The timing is just terrible (but then again, when is timing for something like this ever right), and I feel so selfish for feeling so upset about the whole thing, especially since it is a good opportunity for them. I am just so so tired of all of the stress and everything. Nothing is going right anymore.