I am seriously so done with the fighting and the arguing! I can’t take it anymore! My mother is driving me up a friekn wall. She keeps telling me that I am no longer the person that I used to be and blah blah blah blah blah. I am done! So done! I want to SI so bad but I know that if I do, then she wins. She gets to say that I am unraveling. She gets to tell me that I need to break up with the guy I am dating. Well ya know what? NO MORE! No more intimidation! No more of her sneaky little tricks to get me to be her stupid little puppet show again. I am done! She thinks that she knows what I am feeling? HA! She thinks she knows what’s going to happen in my life? HA! NO! I will not! I am in control of my life! SHE ISNT! She can’t trick me! She can’t bring me down with her “holier than thou” tactics!  She doesn’t approve of the guy that I am dating. BIG WHOP! I DONT CARE!!!!! She can say and do whatever she wants but I am almost 18 years old and at that point, she can no longer control me. She isn’t realizing that I am growing up and I am going to make my own decisions and that I don’t need her around anymore. I am seriously and completely DONE! I don’t get why she can’t just let it go!!! She needs to move on! She has her new husband now so why the heck does she need me huh? EXACTLY! SHE DOESNT! She has him and doesn’t need me! Ugh I can’t SI! I CANT! I have come to far. I need support! HELP!