I fell in love with this guy who seemed so perfect. He had problems just like me, not with self injury, but other problems. He made me feel so safe and loved. But recently we started talking less and less. I miss him so much and need him. He told me he would always care and i could go to him with any of my problems. He knew my secrets, and my self injury problem, but he still walked away. I just feel really hurt and alone now. And hes with another girl who had also had a issue with suicide attempts. I tryed to go to him a few weeks ago, but when he had messaged me back the next day, I never replied. I figured he didnt care enough to try. All i know now is that the person i trusted with everything and could always turn to is gone, and now i dont know what to do. So i went back to self injury. He helped me stay away from it for so long, but now that hes given up, so have i.