I wonder if I could talk to my friends about my problems. I’m just really scared that they may judge me. I’ve tried talking to them before, like when i first started seeing a professional, but I got called and attention seeker and worthless and alot of other not kind names. I always do my best to go above and beyond for my friends so I was shocked when I heard they had said such things. I know they don’t truely understand the gravity of what they said, but it hurt ALOT. I honestly wouldn’t care if it was any other group of people, but I have known almost all of them since the 2nd grade. I’ve basically grown up with these people so I’m wondering what I did to make them think of me in this way. Should I talk to them at all? I have no clue, I know young minds are fickle and can be changed eaisly, but even if they change their minds, which knowing my friends won’t happen, I’m terrified of confrontation and of loosing such long time friends. I am at a total loss.