The one bad thing about living on my own is that I forget sometimes to hide my evidence for when people might unexpectedly stop over. Tonight was one of those nights, and it almost got me in some trouble. I had come home from visiting my parents, and my two little sisters were helping me carry something in. They were planning to go back outside, where my mom and my other little sister were waiting in the truck. Then my doorbell rings, and I told them not to answer it, figuring it was just some neighbor or something. One of my sisters went to look and saw that my mom and youngest sister had gotten out of the truck. They had to use the restroom. Um… not good. Because that is where all of the evidence is. I was terrified that my mom would see everything and ask what in the world had happened, and much worse than that, my little sisters would start to ask questions. So I made some excuse about needing to take the trash out. My mom has never paid much attention to me so the excuse worked like a charm, but believe me, I was freaking out there for a moment. That was just way way too close for comfort, and I am very upset with myself and hating myself right now for having been so careless. I am just so thankful that nobody found out, especially not my three little sisters.