SO, my account has been FROZEN. for a while. i’ve tried to keep away from the internet. (like that worked) i’m mostly on facebook and twitter nowadays. i hope all is good for my recovery buddies. i miss the advice, i was rereading through my posts, and nobody makes sense like you all. mostly, because you can relate, you can understand.
when i started this account, i was fourteen years old. i began to self harm when i was eleven. my freshmen year of high school, when i was fourteen, was by far my biggest struggle i’ve ever had to face. but.. with a lot of struggle, overcoming, failing, and overcoming again. i’ve overcome it. i’ve overcome self harm.
i am now sixteen. and i’ve been clean from self harm for nine months now. there’s been a couple times where i injures some, etc. but i don’t take that into account because i don’t feel it’s important. i love not completely hating myself. and though, i still have body image issues; i also stopped anorexia and bulimia. my delusions went away with my disorders. i just kind of quit in one motion, if you know what i mean. cold-turkey. DONE.
i’m open to my sister, mother and best friend about it all. i tell them anything, and everything.

i really do miss all of you. even though i didn’t know you, the advice you gave me hit home. so thank you.
i don’t know the next time i’ll be back on here. but until then..

we are not our failures?