As the moderators of the SAFE Blog, once in a while we like to re-post the blog guidelines so that new people can see them.   We haven’t done this in a while, so I wanted to take the time to do so today.  In case there are people who are a part of this blog who are feeling suicidal, please know that this is a big concern to our team at S.A.F.E.  We hope everyone who feels this way will call the 800 number (800-SUICIDE or 800-273-TALK) listed at the top of each blog page or go to your nearest emergency room.  We also hope you’ll reach out to a therapist/counselor or any adult you feel you can trust.  There is always someone willing to listen – 800-273-TALK.  You are worth fighting for and we hope you’ve joined our blog because you want to fight for your life and get some support for yourself.

You all may wonder why we try to avoid posting things specifically about feeling highly suicidal.  Your life and safety are our hightest priority.  Our hope is that you will not blog about such a serious and life threatening urge and potentially not get a quick response that is needed in such situations, but that you’ll – again – reach out and talk to someone face to face or at least on the phone.  Our goal is not to trigger anyone on our blog to injure or encourage suicidal feelings.  Talking about how you’re feeling – sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, happy or any other feeling is ALWAYS encouraged and supported.   But if  you write about feeling suicidal and/or specific ways you’d like to hurt yourself, chances are that we may not be able to post that blog.  We apologize for any frustration that may cause – we simply want to ensure that you are most able to get and receive direct, face-to-face support for such an important thing as being suicidal.

I hope this makes sense.  Feel free to ask questions if you have them.

The Blog moderators