Alright so I’ve been nearly a month SI free and it’s been REALLY hard! I’m trying extremely hard to keep it together, but it’s hard to not think about relapsing.

I keep thinking back to it and remembering SIing, I just don’t get why people are so ashamed of their scars. I’m not gonna flaunt them everywhere, but why should I be ashamed of the one reason I’m still ALIVE?!?!?! I seriously get people not opening up to people about it, I do it to, but clothes to hide it… I don’t think so! These thoughts keep running through my mind, why is it so bad that we’ve done/do this to ourselves? Society puts us down by calling us “emo” and “attention seeking” and everyone just takes it and lets it hurt them, but why? We were strong and found the only way we could to STAY strong for the ones we love and ourselves. Yes, we could find an alternative, but at the time all we could think about was the relief SIing brings us. “Just stopping” isn’t easy.

I promise I’m getting somewhere with this… I just want to know if there are GOOD alternatives for me to tell others about (and for me to try) because I don’t really know of any. I know I went on a little rant there, but I had to vent… I don’t want to be ashamed of what I’ve done and don’t want others to either.