Hi. This is my first post and I want to share with you something that’s very difficult for me.

In about 4 years I’ve been struggling with myself. I’ve felt so alone and I have hurt myself in a long period of time. I know it’s not helping, but I keep doing it anyway. In these four years I’ve been together with this guy Robert. He is two years older than me, but I don’t think it has anything to say. When I first met him he helped me with all my issues, but I’m going to tell this short. It’s been up and down between us all time because he has always found an other girl and stuff. No matter what he did to me I always forgave him, and I regret that now. This time I think it’s over for good. After this I can’t forgive him, but my issues has become the worst.

It’s not only because of him I have this problems…
My family are in a bad economic situation and because of that we all are having fights and we all treat each other badly, we are yelling and screaming. It’s not good at all and we are a big family. I have my mum, dad, elder sister (21), younger sister (14), younger brother (4) and younger sister (1). I don’t feel my parents are here for me. I can’t talk to them about anything because I feel like they don’t care. I only have my eldest sister. She is so nice to me.

Is there any of you who have a great word to say about this, what should i do? I can’t go on living like this anymore. I miss Robert already, even that he broke my heart for the fifth time… please, someone.