1. I vow to try and start loving my body, however I am feeling, however I look, and wherever I am.
  2. I promise to stop the negative self-talk and fight back against my negative thoughts. Not everything I think is true.
  3. I pledge to never participate in group body bashing of myself and other. This includes snide remarks towards other people and picking apart myself.
  4. I promise to refrain from hurting my body by: doing violence to it, not feeding it right, and not taking care of it.
  5. I promise to try and not compare my body to others.
  6. I vow to not be affected by the negative appeals of the media. I know media does not set the standards of beauty and perfection.
  7. I promise to recognize that all body types can be beautiful.
  8. I pledge to recognize my strengths, achievements, and attractiveness. I am a wonderful, unique person.
  9. I promise to not get down on myself when I make a mistake. I am a human, and I know that mistakes are how I learn.
  10. I vow to not change my personality or how I act no matter how I feel around other people. Those who do not respect me and my true self do not deserve my friendship.
  11. I will stand up for myself and others when I hear something harmful or mean said. We all deserve respect and love.

Tell me that you’re taking the body pledge! I like to know these things. I’m taking it!