I made it through this weekend without SI’ing.  It’s a small accomplishement, but I’ll take it.  I know I still have plenty of work to do.  I’m def not out of the water yet.  But I am starting to feel better.  I’ve hashed some things out with the BF that were bothering me and did it in a non-emotional, con-confrontational way, and it was actually very productive.  That and I am finally starting to lose a little weight.  It’s soooooo crazy how my mind is affected by that.  I wish I could figure out what that is about.  I did use substances too much this weekend.  I’ll admit that. I still need to work on moderation.  Just not very good at it.  True addict at heart here.  And the idea of quitting is just not possible right now.  I know that’s pathetic.  But no, not gonna happen.

So I will take this small victory and hope it continues.