Okay, so I understand that my mom is in a really bad mood. I get that. But when my little sister handed her the phone, I heard her say in this really irritated voice: “What does SHE want?” Why in the world does she have to snap at me when I call her to ask if I can come over? I’m sorry that my dad is not doing what you are needing him to do! I know that if I had been someone else (one of her friends, or one of her sisters, for example), she would not have talked to me in the tones that she did! I am so angry right now, and it’s a good thing I’m not going over there tonight after all! I’m really trying hard not to SI. I cried just a little after we got off of the phone. It just irritates me that she thinks it’s okay to talk to me like that! I’m only her daughter, after all!