Hey Steph. I see you on Facebook from time to time and it seems you have time for the drinkers but I never hear from you anymore. I’m very sad and very disappointed. Well, if you ever decide you want to get sober I’m here <3

I got this as a text late last night, randomly. It’s from a friend from rehab. An older woman, who knows me well. This passive aggressive text, ugh I was so mad! First off, the phone works both ways, second it’s FACEBOOK, third, you haven’t spoken to me directly so whatever information about me if gossip, forth-you have no idea how hard
I am trying to stay sober so don’t judge me. Did you forgot not too long ago when you were in jail for all the drugs you were doing? Did you forget the nights when you were on your knees crying for help because you couldn’t stop? I HATE when people get all self righteous in recovery. It drives me crazy. Who are you to judge whether or not I want to get sober! And because I haven’t been talking to YOU you think I’m in a bad place? News flash-you’re not the center of my universe, you’re not my support network. You believe the 12 steps are a cure all. The 12 steps don’t work for EVERYONE. I think I’m so irritated because of her assumption that I’m not trying, especially when she hasn’t picked up the phone to check. Not that she has to, but before you go making assumptions about me, go to the source. I am so not the kind of person who has drama like this so it’s weird. I’m angry and I want to say a lot of really mean inappropriate things to her and do mean things and wish mean things upon her-but I know me, I know I’ll regret it. I just needed to vent! My last text back was that I don’t need her to tell me how disappointed in me she is, I’m disappointed in myself enough, more than anyone else ever could be!!!