(pardon the copy and pasted email from over at the Parents Connection. I wanted to post it in this forum as well)


I’ve found such comfort in reading posts lately here. I haven’t come to the SAFE blog before – maybe because my days of SI-ing are far gone (though urges remain) and maybe because my own child who SI’s is in such trouble that she wouldn’t qualify for the SAFE program anyway…but it occured to me to ask you parents if any of you were formerly SI in your younger years.

It is quite a unique position to be in when the child you love so dearly struggles with the same problem you did when you were younger.

My situation is a bit unusual as she is my stepdaughter who only came into my life around five years ago. And yet…she has become as close to my own daughter as anyone can. I have become the mother-figure in her life, whether she likes it or not (and trust me, in the past 2 years, she has NOT liked it).

A year and a half ago, when we first found out she was SI here at our home, I had long talks with her about the SAFE mentality and showed her Bodily Harm….even brought out some old alternative sheets and impulse control logs.

But as we know, those who don’t have any interest in stopping SI will not show any interest in the things I tried showing my stepdaughter.

Is there any parent out there who is either an alumni of SAFE and now a parent of a child who SI or a parent who used to SI (and wasn’t in the SAFE treatment center) and now has a child who SI?

I look forward to talking with any and all!