This morning, I received some stressful news that just sent me over the edge. I thought I would need to SI. I’ve been almost two weeks without it. That is, until the tears just started streaming down my face. I spent about half an hour crying and being unable to sit still while doing so (rocking back and forth, walking around, squirming around on my bed, anything to keep me from SIing). I think deep down inside of me, I knew that the moment I started injuring myself, I knew I would stop crying just like that, and I really just needed to let all of that junk out of me that I have been stuffing in for way too long. And I’m glad I was able to fight off SI and just cry, because I feel better now that I have just cried out my emotional pain. I know I haven’t cried it all out yet, but just the fact that I was able to have a good long cry felt good for a change.