I have no idea what to do. I want to SH so bad. The urge is over whelming. I need to wean off SH, but a few days of me wearing long sleeves is going to make my parents question & check me. They don’t understand that making me quit cold turkey is only making the craving build up. By the way, since I’m new here, I think I should share my story. My true depression had started over a year ago, along with my SH. I put on a front, such a good front that the morning I attempted suicide my parents were more then beyond themselves. I had to stay a whole week at a hospital, where they gave coping skills… needless to say, no matter what I do, that craving is always building up, my body gets this weird feeling and i just get so frustrated, just wanting to SH badly. I’m lost. Everything that happened before is a blurr, and this life I’m living now just seems like a countdown. What can I do….?