It’s been a couple months or so since I have gotten out of S.A.F.E. So far, everything has been going well. Haven’t injured, willing to help others, and I slowly learning to know how to take care of myself without using medication. I’m getting there though. I still have my days when I wake up in the morning wishing I was still in S.A.F.E but then as the days go on, I then realize how proud they would be knowing I’m doing better on my own, I’m slowly becoming the person I’ve been wanting to be ever since I got out. I do still miss everyone back at S.A.F.E., still miss Ms.Jay and just talking to her and how she was always there for me. How I could tell everyone of my peers and staff anything and everything, and I wouldn’t get judged. How I could wake up in the morning looking forward to talk to everyone, because even when I felt homesick there, I feel homesick at my own home. Because S.A.F.E was my home. Me and my counselor were talking about that, bout how going to a place full of strangers I don’t even know, and how that felt like home to me. I come home listening to music I listened to a song that was from S.A.F.E. and it just hit me. I MISS IT THERE! that was my home. But like I said, I’ll make it through it and they’ll be proud!:)