My daughter just turned 13. She is an Honor roll student and is extremely smart when it comes to Math and Science. We have a loving home and family where our lives revolve around the kids and their life and their activities. We love her so much and she pretty much gets what she wants.

Last week, the school counselor called me and my husband to tell us that our baby girl has been injuring. we were devastated and did  not know how to react and questioned ourselved as what we are doing wrong that is triggering this kind of behavior. Our daughter has always been very mature for her age and is the most balanced personality i have come across.

We spoke to her when we brought her home and she talked to us and it sounded like she may have low self esteem. Not sure if that is a true feeling or she is hiding some other emotions.

We are so lost and in denial, i think that our daughter would go to such extremes it a manipulation act to gain more attention or is she seriously going through something..i have not seen any other symptoms like falling grades or anti social behavior to merit this action.

MomInNeed who is very lost