Is she alive or dead? She feels like her world is crumbling apart. Her parents possibly divorcing, her only brother moving out, school issues, everything pretty much. Everything is just ruining everything. Life is unfair and everyone knows it. Who wants to live a life they don’t want to be living? She sure as heck she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to live a life full of misery and mistakes. A  life full of terrible regrets  Regrets no one can get past. Not ever herself. The mistakes she had made had forever damaged her life. Forever damaged her mind and heart.  Her heart, which is very fragile, has been cracking more and more every minute of the day. She cant go one day without thinking of the self abuse, or doing drugs, or her terrible past. Her mind plays tricks on her. Her mind tells her stuff that isn’t true but it keeps saying over and over again, and that’s why she believe them. This girl believed she was ugly and fat. She believed that no one loved her, that no one cared for her. Most nights she would feel like a worthless piece of trash. Those nights are the worst nights. The night always ends up bad, Either in self harming, or passing out by substances.

   Her life is a wreck  And she needs help. But without people who actually will stay with her,  she wont make it out alive. This girl had to deal with abuse, and family issues and has to still deal with that, and the arguing and the fighting and the stress, and the anxiety, and the worryness , and the thoughts. They soon one day..will bring that girl down. 

  But this girl wishes to live, but to live the life she wants to live..without that self abuse. This girl wants to be happy and self harm free, she wants to live a life where she can actually enjoy it and be herself, this girl just wants to be the regular Jane.

            Where did Jane Doe go? Because right now, she’s lost and I can’t find myself.