So I’d’ve been doing ok.  I’ve sied since I last posted but Ive already accepted it and moved on from my mistakes. I’m trying this new thing where I only worry about right now.  I don’t think of tomorrow.  I try to make it through one hour, then two, then the rest of the day.  It’s too hard to try to plan.  It gives me too much anxiety.  Granted for school work I plan ahead but as far as self care goes I guess.   I got a tattooI I did the placement over a spot I usually Injure. I hope this does t make me panic. Ive had a lot of urges today but I kept looking at my tattoo and reminding myself to be strong. That I meant something without It.  My family will kill me if they ever see my tattoo.  I’m terrified they’ll find out.  But then again I’ve sied there for years and no one knows by better sooooooo….idk.   Anyway.  I haven’t sied in a while and hopefully the stop helps stay a reminder to me. And it’s pretty 🙂 ((totally off topic! ))

long days are to come so I need to get to sleep.  stay strong guys we can do it <3