I always believed in ‘To Move On Is To Grow’.  That being said, since the beginning of this year I haven’t done a whole lot of moving on. I’ve had some really good experiences this year, But I have been extremely lonely and sad due to all of the changes in my life. I now know how a squirrel must feel when the see a car coming. Because out of No Where my life seems to have taken a turn. For the better? I’m not sure. There would have been a time where I would have undoubtedly said yes, but I am not a fan of letting people back into my life who I feel have hurt me so badly that I can’t get passed it. I haven’t had any luck letting my Once best friend back, I still don’t trust her at all. And as Far as the Once (and to be perfectly honest) Current Love Of My Life? Pretty much the same issue. On one hand Its practically been the only thing I severely wanted since this year started. On the other hand I feel like going backward in any way is a mistake.  Its unfortunately undoubtedly that I am a different person with him. Somehow I think that he makes me better. I  can’t really explain it but….I don’t know. I can see a difference in myself for the first time in years. Unfortunately I think sometimes that exploring life alone and letting the pieces of myself fall where they may might be a “safer” choice than just following my heart again.