Okay, so maybe I have discovered something that I am not liking. I think I am starting to SI with food. I used to binge when things got tough. But now, I just don’t eat. My roommate has started to notice, and for some reason, that bothers me. I’m not anorexic or anything. I’m not afraid of gaining weight. However, I just fail to eat. I’ll wait until I’m absolutely starving, almost shaky with hunger, before I’ll eat. My roommate asked me today if I’ve eaten anything, to which I said yes. Not enough though, for my stomach still hurts from hunger. She told me that the other day, she noticed that I hadn’t eaten much, and it was four in the afternoon. She then asked me what I ate last night. I was super vague about it, but she finally figured out what I had.  Not enough to fill up anyone. She asked me if I was still hungry after that, to which I said no. However, that was not true. I was starving. I must emphasize that I am not afraid of gaining weight. It’s almost like I am just too depressed to care for myself. I’ve also been sleeping a lot, which I know is a symptom of depression. I just want to sleep all of the time, and would do so if I did not have other commitments. I’m also wondering if my food issues are what is keeping me from other forms of SI? Just some thoughts. I’m wondering if anyone out there has any thoughts on this?