I lost my mother in law last week. I was married to her son and he passed away 16 years ago. I didn’t want to get close to her so I kinda took her her supper and left. Not stopping to talk to her there or on the phone. I feel real bad now and I think I go closer to her than I wanted to see since my husband died I have not let anyone into my life. I only let my kids in. I am totally confused right now. I am struggling to not si. I have been IP for a few days now. I found my mother in law and now all I see is her were she was. I have done so wheel the past year by getting around and fixing her super every night. I feel I will go back to not caring about anything and not eating right. Before I started to fix her supper I would eat cereal all the time. My 2boys are on there own now so it is just me. Well thank you all for letting me get this out o hope I keep from so because I got it out.