I sometimes do not know how in the world I am able to get anything done. I am twenty-one years old, in college, and that part of my life is going great. Life outside of college, however, is not so great. I feel depressed, and before that, I was so anxious I was having about three panic attacks a week. I told my roommate I would rather be anxious than depressed, because at least I didn’t shut people out. Now, I am shutting people out. I am afraid that I will just bother them with my very big problem that has caused me to feel so down in the first place. I hesitate to allow people in on what I call “the big stuff”. In other words, my really big problems. I am good about talking about my little problems, because I can usually get someone’s advice and be done with it, but when it comes to the big things, I can only talk about it once or twice, and then start shutting down after that, because I am afraid that people will just get annoyed, angry, or start snapping at me for talking too much about my problems. Yet I may need to talk about my big problems more than just those one or two times, so I just wind up internalizing way more than I should. I just don’t want to bother people. Yet I have friends who want to help, who have told me to come and talk to them if I need to. I just feel so stuck and don’t know what to do.