You hurt me. You pushed me into things I didn’t want. You were mean and you guilt tripped me. You were manipulative. You cheated on me and you lied to me all the time. You broke me heart and told you never wanted to be with me again. I tried to kill myself. I cried for days. I couldn’t even get out of bed. Because of you. Because I loved you. I thought you were my everything and you threw me away like I was trash. Like I meant nothing. Eventually I moved on. I dealt with your torment at school in the weeks that followed. I had to leave because of panic attacks and anxiety on multiple occasions because of you. I pushed away my friends, I failed classes and I hated myself because of you. I was suicidal for a long time. Eventually I moved on. I found someone who makes me happy. Who doesn’t treat me bad, who will never cheat on me, and who will never hurt me. You didn’t talk to me for months. And I was fine with that. I was less stressed I was doing better in school I had more friends. And now. After months, you text me, you say you’re sorry. And then you blame me for a suicide attempt? You say I hurt you and that you want me back and that I’m the one who caused you pain? You told me you hated me! You told me you wanted nothing to do with me. I moved on.  I’m sorry. You can’t blame everything on me. You were at fault too. You pushed me away. You have no right to ask for me back. You have no right to make me feel this way again. You have made me feel like dirt. Again. You know my triggers. You know what sets me off. You know how to make me hurt. And you used this knowledge against me. You texted me with one goal in mind. To make me hurt like you did before. Well guess what? You won. You accomplished what you wanted. Okay? I injured. I punished myself. And I hate myself a little more than I already did. I hope you are happy Matt. I really hope you are.