Im never important in anyones lives.  I dont understand how this happens.  No one cares if I have plans.  No one cares if I have something to do.  My whole family walks all over me like I dont matter at all.  Im tired of it.  I seriously am tired of it.  All I want to do right now is cry.  Well I cant.  I have to be the strong one.  I have to mess up my day so other people can be happy.  I dont understand how I get to this point so quickly.  I was so ok with everything last night.  My sister in law said shed stay home so I was excited I got a day to myself.  NOPE.  Shes just sitting here while I take care of her children.  What kind person are you? You cant take both of your kids to school  its too hard?  Really??  So I do it twice a week every week since school started and I cant complain?? The one day I tell her I need to nap sometimes because the days are just too long working from 6 to 10 after watching her children she tells me I shouldnt be napping? That taking care of two children for 10 hours  a day isnt hard?? Excuse me?  Who are you to tell me that? I just had your kids all weekend so you could go out to party. And the one day youre home from work you cant even take both your kids??  I dont get it.  I can never have a say in anything. If I do I have “fits.”  Really lady??  Im tired.  I work three jobs.  Im in grad school.  When I find a time in the day, when I find that little loophole, I try to grasp it and take the time I need for myself.  And now that I try to do that Im “throwing fits.”   Im 24 years old. I shouldnt be so stressed out by stupid stuff like this. I shouldnt have to worry so much about other people.  I need to be able to take care of myself.  Not go si the minute I feel like this.  Granted I havnted si-ed yet. But I want to.  OMG I want to.