My dear Stephanie. I hope this letter finds you doing well. My stomach hurts very bad, my head is pounding, my thoughts are so foggy I can’t talk how I should be able to. I hurt myself earlier and now it hurts and it makes me hate myself. I feel like I want to die. I feel like I am making a mess of this perfectly good god given life and that it’s time I stopped. I am sick in my head. I am sitting on a table on the 3rd floor looking out over the city and I feel a deep loneliness. No one can touch me here. I told Karen today and he hasn’t spoken to me in a few hours. I worry she’s done. I worry I will hurt myself more because I hate myself so much right now. You still have a chance though. You are kind and gentle. You have people who love you. You are beautiful and perceptive, you have the ability to connect with people in a special way. You have a degree to get, you have a relationship to stay in and prosper, you have healing to do, you have scars that have healed, your body can be pure and cleansed from all that poison. You have a light, you have a chance and I think you’re ready. I’m sick in my body and in my mind and I’m going to go now.