Hello. My name is Alicia. I am a published poet, student, mother, and wife. I am trying desperately to change my SI behaviors through CBT, therapy, and of course the ever-present love/hate relationship with meds.

I have SI since I was 14 (on and off). Eight months ago I experienced a major trigger and have been SI ever since. As everyone here knows (I imagine!), it is my way of coping with the grief and overwhelming emotions I have been carrying. Recently I went through a terrible manic depressive phase (I also struggle with bipolar disorder) and ended up in the hospital. This is my third hospitalization & though I am finally building a local support network I was hoping I could find a safe virtual support system that I can reach out to as a means of avoiding SI—-the struggle not to follow the impulse has been intense these past few months. Anyhow…just wanted to introduce myself in a nutshell. I would love to make some connections! Thank you. Alicia